Access Install LTD is a fully authorised Meter Asset Provider (MAP) for both Electric and Gas meters in the UK market. Access Install took the decision to enter the MAP space, to ensure that our clients receive a One Stop Shop for their services. Whether they be Traditional or Smart Meter related, Access Install can offer the entire service wrapped into one monthly rental fee.

Offering this to our clients, allows suppliers to understand the end to end process internally, rather than contracting with several different service providers in the market. A clean cut operating model, with a proven ability to deliver in the market.

To enquire about our MAP One Stop Shop please email for details.

Accreditations and Awards

Smart Meter FAQ's

What is a Smart Meter?

Smart Meters are the next generation of meters, that communicate your energy usage to utilities, in live time. Allowing you to say goodbye to estimated bills once and for all. It also means you can see how much electricity or gas you are using in live time, so if you fill a full kettle up to make one cup of tea, you will be able to see that it is more efficient to only fill it with water that you need. Smart Meters are a great way of lowering your energy bills by just allowing you to see how much your appliances are actually costing you to use.

What is an Smart Meter IHD?

A smart meter IHD is what is known commonly as an In Home Display.