About Domestic Services

Access Install LTD which operates under the AI Group banner, works in the Domestic market. Offering a Smart Home Solutions package to suppliers and private domestic customers across the UK. From Boiler Installations, to Smart Meter Maintenance and SMETS1 and soon to be SMETS2 Installations, suppliers allow themselves the luxury of using a one stop shop for their smart home solutions.

With over 50,000 Smart Meter Installations since 2016, it is no wonder that Access Install LTD is the fastest growing company in the UK. With 150 individuals employed across the UK. We are soon to be the largest Smart Homes company in the UK.

With emerging markets across Europe, growth will continue, with nearly 30% of the UK’s Energy Suppliers now signed with Access Install LTD the key will be the European markets.

With an average of 4.5 Dual Fuel Installations, Access Install are the only company in the UK to promote the statistic to their clients. This is born out of a number of reasons, all of which enable us to get over the customers threshold to install.

If you are an energy supplier in the UK and wish to discuss your current smart rollout plans for both SMETS1 or SMETS2 the please email for further information.


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  • Less power outages.
  • Provides visual indicators of power usage to users and informs them of what energy reductions and subsequent savings may be achieved.
  • Highlight the appliances that are using the most energy.
  • No need for manual meter readings.
  • Lower greenhouse emissions from power plants.
  • Mobile top up of your meters if you are on Prepayment, so not more visiting your local shop to top up then having to plug that top up into the meter.
  • Make future use of low energy tariffs, to ensure that you are using your electricity and gas at the right times

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Smart Meter FAQ's

What is a Smart Meter?

Smart Meters are the next generation of meters, that communicate your energy usage to utilities, in live time. Allowing you to say goodbye to estimated bills once and for all. It also means you can see how much electricity or gas you are using in live time, so if you fill a full kettle up to make one cup of tea, you will be able to see that it is more efficient to only fill it with water that you need. Smart Meters are a great way of lowering your energy bills by just allowing you to see how much your appliances are actually costing you to use.

What is an Smart Meter IHD?

A smart meter IHD is what is known commonly as an In Home Display.