Day Hire

AI Installations is part of the AI Group as we appreciate not every supplier wishes to appoint a third party as their MOP/MAM or they currently have service provider agreements in place.

This is why AI Installations offers a day hire only service for both traditional and Smart Meter requirements.

Offering cost certainty to suppliers, for their smart meter roll outs and also their internal traditional requirements.

With a Nationwide footprint, AI Installations can react, submit and deploy engineers within a 3-5 working day period. Something no other MOP/MAM can provide in the UK.

All engineers are industry compliant, with all the relevant industry accreditation’s. AI Installations currently works with Several Big Six Suppliers in the UK, rolling out both traditional and smart meter requirements.

AI Installations operates as a separate business to the MOP/MAM company and as such allows you to remain as the industry MOP/MAM or continue your existing commercial frameworks, without negating your ability to have several install propositions on the pitch.

Accreditations and Awards

Smart Meter FAQ's

What is a Smart Meter?

Smart Meters are the next generation of meters, that communicate your energy usage to utilities, in live time. Allowing you to say goodbye to estimated bills once and for all. It also means you can see how much electricity or gas you are using in live time, so if you fill a full kettle up to make one cup of tea, you will be able to see that it is more efficient to only fill it with water that you need. Smart Meters are a great way of lowering your energy bills by just allowing you to see how much your appliances are actually costing you to use.

What is an Smart Meter IHD?

A smart meter IHD is what is known commonly as an In Home Display.