Smart Meters

Smart Meters have been mandated by the UK government to be installed into every house by the year 2020. The implementation of smart meters has come about, due to European Union laws designed to lower and optimise energy usage, which the EU hopes will result in a reduction in global warming.



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We know that to deliver one million Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installs by 2020 we have to


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At Access Install we aim to install one million Dual Fuel Smart Meters by 2020. Ensuring that utility companies successfully implement the smart meter roll out, in the most cost effective manner.most professional service throughout their journey.ney from start to finish.


Smart Meters

Smart Meters have been mandated by the UK government to be installed into every house by the year 2020. The implementation of smart meters has come about, due to European Union laws designed to lower and optimise energy usage, which the EU hopes will result in a reduction in global warming.

About Us

Access Install is a Smart Home Solutions business at heart.

Access Install is a fully authorised Meter Operator Provider (MoP), Meter Asset Manager (MAM) and Meter Asset Provider (MAP) with over 30 years experience in the energy efficiency and metering industry. With over 53 Million Smart Meters needing installing by 2020, Access Install understands that time; money and a professional service are of the essence to our clients if they are to hit the 2020 targets set in government legislation. With access to over 1,500 engineers to install Dual Fuel Smart Meters across the United Kingdom, Access Install will aim to install dual fuel smart meters at a customer's property first time. This not only allows us to ensure that the customer is not unnecessarily disturbed but also enables Access Install to deploy double the amount of meters as any other Meter Operator in the UK, our current average dual fuel installs per day is 4.7, which is higher than any other MOP/MAM in the U

How Do Smart Meters Work?

All smart metering systems generally consist of two parts.
One, the actual meters which replace the traditional gas and electricity meters. The second is a flat screen display, which is usually a portable screen, or it can be fixed to a certain position – which reveals how much gas and electricity a property is using and how much the usage will end up costing.

Both parts of the system work together to ensure that users receive accurate information about their energy use in real-time and the smart meter will automatically share these readings with the properties' gas or electricity supplier, which helps to ensure that energy bills are always accurate.

A smart meter has enhanced communication capabilities and takes meter readings wirelessly through a robust and secure network and it will dispatch gas readings every half-hour and electricity readings every ten-seconds to the smart meter display. Users also have the option to have this data sent to their energy supplier at monthly, daily, or even half hourly intervals, which has even greater benefits.

Sending this data to a energy company more regularly means in essence, that they possess the data which will assist them better to advise users on where and how they could make savings. Smart meters can also help people and businesses to reconnect quickly, if users have their energy supply cut off unexpectedly.

Smart Metering

At first glance a smart meter doesn't look a whole different from a current meter.

Smart meters function like a traditional meter does, meaning that it will just measure household energy use over time.

Looking at the big picture, smart meters are the foundation for updating the existing electric system into a smart grid because because they allow two-way communication, between the meter and the supplier, through a SIM based network, like networks which are by used by people at home or at their places of work and again the information that the meters provide is specific to the energy use in a home. A current meter provides this information now, but must be read monthly. This ultimately leads to a huge amount of field work to look after reading peoples meters on their behalf. This can also lead to customers having to take time off from their work to stay in for their meters to be read by a manual employee on behalf of the supplier. This is not ideal, and Smart meters do away with all of this, creating a more accurate reading of your energy usage.

Smart Metering Benefits For Users

  • Less power outages.
  • Provides visual indicators of power usage to users and informs them of what energy reductions and subsequent savings may be achieved.
  • Highlight the appliances that are using the most energy.
  • No need for manual meter readings.
  • Lower greenhouse emissions from power plants.
  • Mobile top up of your meters if you are on Prepayment, so not more visiting your local shop to top up then having to plug that top up into the meter.
  • Make future use of low energy tariffs, to ensure that you are using your electricity and gas at the right times

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Smart Meter FAQ's

What is a Smart Meter?

Smart Meters are the next generation of meters, that communicate your energy usage to utilities, in live time. Allowing you to say goodbye to estimated bills once and for all. It also means you can see how much electricity or gas you are using in live time, so if you fill a full kettle up to make one cup of tea, you will be able to see that it is more efficient to only fill it with water that you need. Smart Meters are a great way of lowering your energy bills by just allowing you to see how much your appliances are actually costing you to use.

What is an Smart Meter IHD?

A smart meter IHD is what is known commonly as an In Home Display.